Serving an elite for fifteen years,
RICHEART CONSULTING - Links Luxury & Heart is officially launched in 2020.

As a reference provider in terms of tailor-made services and prestigious relationships, our company responds to the requests of individuals and companies.
RICHEART CONSULTING handles professional and private requests for the accounts of UHNWI, HNWI, companies including
business and leisure tourism in France (Paris, Côte d’Azur “French Riviera”) and internationally.

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We join our strength to that of our collaborators selected with the greatest care by our founder Ruth HO VAN TO. Endowed with solid skills and experiences in their respective fields, our experts are committed to providing quality service to our precious customers.
The high level of execution of our employees is our main asset.

Our company builds a high level of trust with its clients and collaborators in order to perfect each experience.
Our firm's tangible resource is its reputation.

« RICHEART CONSULTING - Links Luxury & Heart offers you only the best »

Our expertise is based on the importance of the human relationship and the efficiency to carry out the missions entrusted to us, whether it is a solicitation in the framework of business and or personal.

Our kind clientele is the subject of authentic listening, it is supported, pampered without the slightest doubt.
We measure our clients' satisfaction through these key factors, first-rate execution and second-rate strategy.

Our teams attach great importance to the ethics of professional secrecy as well as discretion.

RICHEART CONSULTING is omnipresent with its customers. Our services aim to provide ingenious solutions to your various concerns. All your requests will benefit from special treatment.

Simplify your life, enjoy your free time, overcome your concerns...
Entrust us with your service needs !